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Microwave Digestion System

Microwave digestion system can provide fast ,safety and clean digestion treatment for users. Also it can expedite the chemical reaction speed and depth of samples under the condition of high temperature and high pressure.
Product Details

YMW series closed microwave digestion system as an efficient sample pretreatment equipment, which can provide fast ,safety and clean digestion treatment for users. Also it can expedite the chemical reaction speed and depth of samples under the condition of high temperature and high pressure. So the digestion system will not damage the elements such as highly volatile silver, mercury etc. Widely applied in the chemistry industry, food analysis, environmental monitoring, disease control center, quality supervision and commodity inspection etc.

Product Characters:
1) Power supply:210-230V AC, 50Hz, 15 A
2) Microwave frequency:2450MHz, High energy microwave field emission, industrial grade double magnetron emission
3) Microwave output power:0~2300W, continuous automatic microwave control
4) Overall maximum power:2500W
5) Chamber:67L large capacity, Super thick 316 stainless steel chamber, Multilayer industrial TEFLON coated.
6) Waveguide design:Double magnetron design, 90 degree layout which can improve the chamber uniformity.
7) Safety anti-explosion door:Double layers metal structure safety door, Buffer device inside, Electronic and mechanical double lock design.
8) Turntable design:Rapid rotating with single axis and unidirection, Various tank racks can be equipped.
9) Cooling and exhaust system:High power anti-corrosion axial fan which owns high efficiency cooling, Only 20 minutes to decreasing temperature of 200℃ to 70℃.
10) Fault state detection: The machine owns self-test function, Automatic judge fault states to prevent accidents(such as abnormal sound check, abnormal temperature check and equipment running check etc.) Also it has door state monitoring function, the machine can not start until the door closed correctly.
11) Operating ambient temperature/humidity: Operating temperature 0-50 °C and humidity 15-85%RH
12) Overall external dimension: 630*530*630mm


Digestion Vessels Parameters

Model No.




Vessel Type

1-14pcs closed vesse

1-14pcs high temperature quartz vessel

20pcs closed vessel

Batch process per time

min.1pc- max.14pcs

min.1pc- max.14pcs

min.2pcs- max.20pcs

Inner tank material


Pure quartz


Outer tank material

Imported PEEK and glass fiber


Imported PEEK and glass fiber

Volume per vessel




Maximum pressure


8MPa (1100psi)

6MPa (850psi)

Maximum temperature




Max. samples capacity per vessel




HF Proof




Tank anti-explosion

Material distort pressure release, resume 


no need consumables

Imported aluminium alloy anti-explosion film

Imported aluminium alloy anti-explosion film


Foods, Soil, Metal, alloy, Polyester plastics, 

Geology, Biology, 

Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, 

Agricultural products,Semiconductor etc. 

Fatty food, Plastic, Fiber, 

Petroleum, Fat, Coal etc.

Biology samples, Environmental samples, 

Water samples, Food samples etc.


Temperature Measurement and Control
1) Adopting high precious armoured platinum resistor, Real-time measure the samples temperature in the tank. Surface with high anti-corrosion coated which can improve the service life time.
2) Temperature measurement range: 0-450℃, accuracy: ±0.5℃
3) Control accuracy: ±1℃
4)The system preset curvature temperature, the maximum preset 8 sections temperature range.
Pressure Measurement and Control
1) Adopting piezoelectric detector, No pressure pipe, no need to contact with samples to avoid pollution.
2) Measurement range:0-20MPa (2500Psi), Tolerance: ±0.01MPa, Sample frequency: 200pcs/s
3) Pressure protection: Microwave emit will automatic stop and alarm when overpressure. 
Operating system
1) 7 inch color touch screen
2) Real-time display the components status, and the parameters can be set and modified.
3) Error code database which can display the error code in real-time
4) Display the closed vessel temperature and pressure in real-time
5) Display the temperature, pressure, power curve in real-time
6) Storage the testing process photos which is convenient for future check or error record.


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