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Incubator Shaker

It integrates automatic liquid shaking, separating and temperature control function together. and it can meet varies experimental requirements with high speed rotation technique & vibration range stepless adjustable technique application.
Product Details

YKW-303 Orbital Shaker Incubator integrates automatic liquid shaking, separating and  temperature control function together, It can meet varies experimental requirements with high speed rotation technique & vibration range stepless adjustable technique application. The shake plate applies to low speed big range rotation or high speed point vibration. This machine solves the issue of very high speed crash while motor starting. Even if starting under high speed rotation set, the shake plate will still speed up slowly with stability to ensure the safety of experiment samples. Widely used for environmental treatment, bacterial culture, ferment, hybridization,biological chemical reaction and the enzyme & cell tissue research.

Product Specification of Shaker Incubator
Model No. YKW-303 YKW-100B YKW-200B
Rotation Frequency 30~300rpm 30~400rpm 30~400rpm
Frequency accuracy ±1 rpm ±1 rpm ±1 rpm
Vibration amplitude φ26mm φ26mm φ26mm
Max. capacity 50ml x 12pcs, or 100ml x 9pcs

100ml×16pcs, or 250ml×12pcs,

 or 500ml × 9pcs

100ml×20pcs, or 250ml×16pcs, 

or 500ml×12pcs

Standard Configuration 100ml x 9pcs

50ml×4pcs, or 100ml×4pcs, or 250ml×3pcs, 

or 500ml×3pcs

50ml×5pcs, or 100ml×5pcs, or 250ml×4pcs, 

or 500ml×3pcs

Tray dimension 295mm×245mm 400mm x 370mm 450mm×410mm
Timing range 0~999 hours 0~999 hours 0~999 hours
Temperature control range Ambient Temperature 5℃~60℃ Ambient Temperature 5℃~60℃ 4℃~60℃  ( refrigeration type)
Temperature control accuracy ±0.1℃ ±0.1℃ ±0.1℃
Temperature uniformity ±1℃ ±1℃ ±1℃
Display mode LCD LCD LCD
Tray quantity 1pcs 1pcs 1pcs
External dimension 460mm × 410mm × 390mm 620mm × 580mm × 510mm 780mm × 682mm × 560mm
Net weight 31KG 72KG 100KG
Inner Chamber size & volume 340mm × 285mm × 200mm(20L) 410mm × 430mm × 270mm(51L) 480mm × 450mm × 320mm(70L)
Power 220W 320W 580W
Voltage AC220V~240V    50H60Z~60HZ AC220V~240V    50H60Z~60HZ AC220V~240V    50H60Z~60HZ

Product Features:

1) Integrate incubator and shaker; Space Save, multi-functional & cost save.

2) Industrial ABS plastic cover & overall transparent window show cavity; Stainless steel parts that never have erosion.

3) Slant humanized control panel and back-light big size LCD screen; Good vision effect。

4) Have memorize function for operating parameter; Avoid repeated or mistaken operation by code lock.

5) Have recovery function while with power connect; No influence from emergency electricity cut off and can recover as program set while starting again.

6) Have Auto stop protective device when the door is open to ensure the security of operator, It also equip with gas pull rod which is easy to open the door.

7) Auto stop heating and warning when actual temperature is 3℃ over pre-setting

8) Have brushless DC motor which is more stable and reliable.

9) The entire machine static sound design, the static electricity spurts models the box body ultra, the super big visual window with armored glass which is luxury and beauty.

10) No need set refrigeration coefficient, Full automatic temperature adjustment which can avoid tedious temperature adjustment setting. The heating rate can be set as per actual test requirements.

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