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Laboratory Hazardous Waste Storage Container

The Laboratory Hazardous Waste Storage Container adopted standard marine container as the cabinet, which is suitable for temporary storage kinds of toxic and hazardous laboratory wastes.
Product Details

The Laboratory Hazardous Waste Storage Container adopted standard marine container as the cabinet, which is suitable for temporary storage kinds of toxic and hazardous laboratory wastes; It consists of container, internal storage area, exhaust system of ventilation, explosion-proof power supply system, leakage recovery system, waste gas purification system,intelligent control system, temperature control system, fire extinguishing device, personal protective device, remote (video) monitoring system, cloud monitoring platform, electrostatic protection device etc.


Product Technical Parameters



Overall dimension

L 12200mm x W 2440mm x H 2900mm

The ventilation purification system

Explosion-proof frequency and centrifugal,acid mist absorber,

Cooling system

Explosion-proof frequency conversion air conditioning

Power supply

3KW, AC   220V

Optional accessories

Remote monitoring and alarm system

Standard configuration

1. explosion-proof air conditioner: 1unit

2. Explosion-proof variable frequency exhaust fan: 1unit

3. Acid mist deodorization purification device: 1unit

4. Explosion-proof temperature and humidity detector: 1pc

5. Fixed combustible gas detector: 1pc

6. Explosion-proof fluorescent lamp: 2pcs

7. Explosion proof emergency light: 1pc

8. Alarm light: 2pcs

9. Positive pressure air breathing apparatus: 1set

10. Fireman' s outfits: 1set

11. Fireman’s shoes: 1set

12. No-power fan: 3units

13. Individual spray cleaning system: 1set

14. Spray cooling system: 1set

15. Leaking fluid recovery pool: 1pc

16. Storage shelves: 6pcs, PP storage cabinets: 7pcs.


Product Outline

Product Structure

Ventilation exhaust and waste purification system

The container using frequency conversion anticorrosion fan for real          time ventilation, Generally the exhaust fan ventilate every 10 minutes.    When the staff enters the container, the exhaust fan can be adjusted to a    strong ventilation mode,and the toxic and harmful gas will be  purified    and exhausted.

Internal storage for hazardous waste

PP cabinet storage and shelves storage

Safety and anti-explosion system

In view of the flammable and explosive characteristics of laboratory          waste, all electrical products are anti-explosion to ensure safe storage

Fluid Leakage Recovery System

The inner wall adopts the anticorrosion coating, Through the special         installation method, the leaking liquid natural collection. No need            special leak collecting tank,Ensure the internal leakage of waste is            reliably recycled into the leak collection pool. Meanwhile, the inner        wall of the system is protected from corrosion in harsh environment.

Fire emergency System

The container achieved A-level fire standards. It equipped with special     fire cabinets,fire extinguishers, emergency escape door exits and              emergency indicators,which can ensure fire emergency and escape in       case of sudden disaster.

Personal protective system

The containers are equipped with personal protective cabinets,positive     pressure air breathing device and personal protective clothing,                  protective shoes and gloves.Which can ensure ensure the safety of           personnel in the event of sudden disaster. the outdoor also equipped        with spray purification devices which can clean and purify the workers     in time after exposure to hazardous materials

Automatic monitoring alarm and emergency disposal system

The container installed temperature, humidity and combustible gas            detection alarm system, the external alarm system will emit sound and      light alarm if he relevant indicators exceeded . Meanwhile the exhaust      fan automatically adjusts to the strong ventilation mode, then purify and   exhaust toxic gas.

Anti-static system

The container equipped with anti-static column and antistatic floor to       completely discharge the static hazard

Temperature control system

The container using double-layer insulation board, it also equipped with   temperature control system which consists of temperature detection         device, explosion-proof air-conditioning and sprinkler system,The           explosion-proof air-conditioning will automatic work once the                  temperature exceeded . At the same time, Meanwhile you can also           automatically or manually activated sprinkler system to cooling in case   of abnormal high temperature or fire.


User support
1Site requirementsSite dimension 18m×6m,  The bottom of the equipment must be higher than the highest water level, The site should be stayed away from the living area and the crowd, Should be outside the area of flammable, explosive, other dangerous goods warehouses and high-voltage transmission line protection area.
2Hardened and leakproof base
3Leaking fluid collecting pool
4Shower sink;
5Protective fences;
6Sun Shelter;
7Poisonous and harmful warning signs;
8water and power supply;

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