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Product Quality Warranty:

We are committed to 1 year product warranty to any client who buys our products and related accessories. We promise to guarantee free replacement except wear parts within one month. and guarantee free repair within one year.

After-sale Services Promises:

1) We shall make prompt response to any problem about the machine within 24 hours if you have.

2) We shall provide 7-day 8-hour services for all our clients, and shall provide trouble-shooting solutions until the fault is completely


3) If the machine is found any fault or problem, please do not hesitate to notify us the details about faults and status. We shall do our

great efforts to solve according to following terms:

a. Common faults:?

Common faults refer to failure of non critical parts or improper configuration that effects partial operation or leads to Inconvenience of

machine operation. We shall solve such problems by email or posting parts by courier.

b.Serious faults:

Serious faults refer to failure of key parts or improper configuration that influence running or operating of machine widely. We shall firstly

diagnose reasons of faults by email or phone, then, shall send replacement of parts by courier, until solve the problems. Courier freight

shall be for our account within quality warranty period.


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